1)  When do you use ice versus heat?  
            It is recommended to use only ice for the first 48 to 72 hours after surgery or after an acute injury.  Ice should be applied for 30 to 45 min periods making sure to check skin after each icing.  Ice vasoconstricts blood vessels, which helps reduce inflammation and also has a numbing effect.  Heat vasodilates blood vessels which increase blood flow, helps with healing and soothes muscles and soft tissue.  Most the time it is appropriate to heat prior to activity and ice after activity.

2)  How do you treat a recent strain or sprain?
             Ice and rest is best.  If swelling occurs, elevate, ice and use some form of compression.  If things do not improve in 2weeks contact your physician or therapist.

3)  What is the best method for stretching? 
            A stretch is best performed when it is held for a sustained period.  A joint or a muscle can be heated prior to stretching which will make the stretch more effective.  Stretching should take place prior to exercising but can have even greater effectiveness after exercising.

4)  When does it take pain to gain?
            Unfortunately whether you are recovering from a post surgical situation, have suffered from some form of an injury, or dealing with a chronic problem, there is pain with rehabilitation.  Pain/Discomfort is associated with stretching, strengthening and with conditioning.  Appropriate pain with rehabilitation is short lasting (20-30 minutes) and dissipates.  Inappropriate pain lasts several hours or through the night and is exaggerated throughout the next day.  “Good pain” is normally described as dull, short lasting or a strain.  “Bad pain” is usually described as sharp, stabbing, or burning.

5).  Which therapy clinic should I attend?
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